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New Cyber Security Threat Unraveled – Why Should You Take Immediate Action

In the past, cyber security services have heavily focused on the process of data accumulation. Data has always been regarded as a powerful tool in cyber security. It is difficult to find a particular data pattern or signal which indicates any data security vulnerability. However, despite this benefit, the cyber security world has faced a new threat in the form of excess data accumulation. It has been seen that the IT world is trudging in a flood of excess data and the threat has begun from here.

Data accumulation has led to additional cyber security costs. In addition to this, the event has a bewildering effect on the data security experts. Data analytics are also dealing with false security alarms which are both puzzling and irksome.

This is not a simple data malfunctioning event that needs a little cyber awareness. Instead, the IT experts now face deeper problems related to cyber attacks. Most data security experts indicate that they use log data to detect potential cyber-attacks. However, with the sudden rise of the data accumulation process, countless organizations are being forced to restrict the data log because of the cost limitation. Storing so much data is becoming too expensive to handle. For this reason, cyber experts are working overtime to take advantage of the limited data log to detect cyber threats. Moreover, some experts have complained that they are not getting proper data logs to find a potential threat to data security.

These obstacles have made it difficult to pinpoint data security pitfalls. As a result, 2021 has seen a massive increase in cyber attacks on different organizations. The frightening fact is – that the number of cyber attacks is not going down. Enterprises must be able to derive more value from their accumulated data. The need to use observability data has increased with time. To improve cyber security, organizations need to increase the organization ability of data observability. It is also important for the perfect detection of data security threats.       

While data volume plays a big role in creating obstacles in cyber security solutions, the IT industry now deals with other glaring issues, including data silos, multiple IT tools related problems, and vendor locking-in issues. IT tools are increasing with time. Yet, the different tool comes with different features. Some of these tools fail to meet the consumers’ data need. Also, most of the tools are too expensive to experiment with. As a result, organizations are reluctant to purchase IT tools for data security purposes. The IT consultants are facing increasing cyber security problems due to this reason. In addition to this, IT experts are noticing some serious problems related to DevOps. Here the procedures give rise to new data access requirements.

Many available tools help in dealing with data accumulation problems. However, most companies have claimed that these tools are not users’ friendly. Therefore, the tools don’t come in handy for organizations.

If organizations want to increase data security, they need to combine data accumulation ability with proper actionability. Without the right balance between these two, companies may face greater data security-related problems in the future.

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