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Network Penetration Testing

What It Is and Why You Need It

While modern technology brings numerous conveniences and benefits, the escalating frequency of cyberattacks is becoming a significant cause for concern. The repercussions of data breaches extend far beyond the targeted companies, impacting customers, suppliers, and various stakeholders. Alarmingly, experts anticipate that the cost of cybercrime will soar to around $10.5 trillion by 2025. So, regular network pen tests are becoming increasingly necessary for every organization.

has not been immune to these cyber threats, experiencing several high-profile incidents in recent years. Notable examples include PwC falling victim to a massive data hack and health care giant Medibank being sued over a data breach affecting 9.7 million individuals. Furthermore, an Optus data breach resulted in a class action being launched for millions of Australians affected by the cyberattack. These instances underscore the pervasive nature of cyber threats and their potential to disrupt various sectors.

With pen testing, you can proactively secure your business against evolving threats by simulating real-world scenarios and discover potential network vulnerabilities before hackers do. It goes beyond just identifying vulnerabilities and demonstrates what happens if an attacker gets access to the network. 


Why your business needs Regular Network Pen Tests

Regular assessment of your network is essential to gauge your cybersecurity effectiveness. A network penetration test (pen test) is a security test in which experts attempt to hack into your network to identify potential vulnerabilities that malicious actors could exploit.   



Benefits of Pen Testing

Real World Simulation
Simulates a cyberattack to assess your security measures. 

Risk Prioritization
Prioritizes vulnerabilities by degree of risk, addressing critical issues first. 

Vulnerability Identification 
Exposes security vulnerabilities to reveal potential entry points. 

Comprehensive Security Assessment 
Evaluates current security controls to ensure system can withstand cyberthreats 

Risk Mitigation 
Enables effective prioritization and mitigation of potential cybersecurity threats.

Customer Data Protection 
Addresses vulnerabilities that lead to breaches, identify theft or unauthorized access

Threat Defence 
Identifies vulnerabilities missed by traditional security measures.  

Why Choose FLYONIT? 

At FLYONIT, we pride ourselves on being one of the best network penetration testing companies in Australia, that can look after all your cybersecurity concerns. Our expert team is equipped with the knowledge and experience to assess your network against evolving threats. Through pen testing, we can simulate real-world scenarios to identify potential vulnerabilities before hackers do. Our approach goes beyond merely identifying weaknesses; we demonstrate what happens if an attacker gets access to the network, ensuring your business is well-prepared against cyber threats. 


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