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Is your enterprise prepared for an anytime, anywhere access?

Worldwide, businesses are embracing enterprise mobility. Enterprise mobility has transformed the way employees think and work. It has driven innovation and increased business efficiency and productivity. It allows employees flexibility and also ensures smoother workflow.

According to the CEB IT Impact Report on “Five Key Findings on Driving Employee Productivity,” 50% of employees report being expected to get work done no matter where they are. However, 61% of employees believe that IT is ineffective at helping them be fully productive.”


NetConnect allows flexible and secure access even on the go. With NetConnect, you can transform your business by connecting to your office from your home or even on the go. It will help you securely connect to your data & applications just as if you were in front of your desktop. The best thing is that it requires no time-consuming, complex and expensive deployment.

Benefits of NetConnect

Simple & Easy to Use

NetConnect is very easy to use. It has the same look and feel across devices. It requires no extensive user training.

Instant Mobility

With NetConnect, you can experience a more productive and mobile workforce instantly.

No Deployment

NetConnect requires no user installation or complicated, expensive and time-consuming IT changes.

Remove Complexity

You just need to simply manage the access, not the device.

Enterprise-Grade Security

NetConnect securely accesses your servers, applications and PCs from your mobile device. No data will be stored on the user’s device. Through policy-based access control, it ensures only the appropriate users can access the data and applications.

Enable BYOD

It supports all devices including iPad, Android tablet, Windows and Mac OSX and enables BYOD the easy way.

Why Choose FLYONIT?

At FLYONIT, we offer NetConnect to help you work from anywhere and anytime. We will help you make your workforce more efficient, effective and productive. With us, you can now transform your business and experience improved efficiency and increased productivity.

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