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Did you know moving to the nbn is not optional?

Moving to the NBN is not a choice, it is compulsory.

Once your property is deemed “ready-for-service”, you will have only 18-months to switch over from your existing internet & phone connection.

But still 1 in 3 Aussies have no plans to move to the NBN. They are propbably unaware that existing phone & internet connections would be switched off once the new network arrives.

Also, 71% of Australians still have no idea how much faster the nbn is or what the different download speeds even mean!

They are still unaware that NBN provides the people of Australia the fastest & more reliable internet services.

Installation is absolutely free & is rolling out across the nation & it’s possibly already available for you.

Wondering what would you get by switching to the NBN?

You can save your time & money

High-speed internet will enable you to download large files faster, conduct online research quickly, browse content-heavy sites with less buffering, as well as use internet banking more effectively.

You can enjoy improved video collaboration

You will be able to experience less buffering as well as enhanced image quality while video conferencing & be able to use HD video for promoting your business to potential new customers.

You will be able to access data with ease

With NBN, you will be able to display HD video & images in your marketing & communications material. You can also easily share & access larger files with your clients and staffs.

You can use cloud-based storage effectively

Faster broadband will enable you to quickly back up huge amounts of data using cloud-based storage which you can access from anywhere, anytime. Cloud-based storage also makes it easier to share business documents, presentations & photos with clients and colleagues.

Your workplace productivity will increase

Lagging internet as well as frequent drop outs would almost become non-existent with the new NBN. Your staffs will be more productive without technology letting them down.

You can build stronger relationship with customers, supplies & distributors

This high-speed Internet technology would allow you to collaborate via video conferencing as well as other communication tools. Regardless of location, you will be able to interact face to face with your supplies, customers as well as distributors, forging stronger relationships & reducing travel costs.

Wondering how can FLYONIT help you?

At FLYONIT, we can help you move to the NBN network with minimal interruption. We will first verify if you are NBN Ready & infrastructure has been implemented in your area. We will then provide you with all the assistance you need before making the switch. We can also help you with network setup . We will provide you all assistance in deciding on the best provider & package that will cater to your specific business needs.

So what are you waiting for?

Contact us today & speak to one of our experts about your NBN Transition.

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