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The National Broadband Network Blames Telstra for Slow Download Speed

According to reports, maximum households of Australia that are connected to the National Broadband Network or NBN are complaining about slow download speed.

The NBN is blaming Telstra for this as they are promoting higher speeds than some customers can access.

According to The Australian, Telstra customers had been signed up for plans that promised 100 Mbps download speeds, the maximum speed of fibre-to-the-home connections, despite being connected via slower fibre-to-the-node technology.

In many cases, speeds were as low as 1/500th of what was promised. After finding no faults on its fibre network, NBN asked customers to contact Telstra.

A Telstra spokesman said it sought to help customers pick the right NBN package but “underlying network factors” like homes connected to the NBN via the cheaper fibre-to-the-node technology — meant some people would encounter slower speeds than promised.

“While many customers moving to the NBN will be able to ­attain speeds into their premises within NBN’s top speed tier, underlying network factors mean some customers will see lower top speeds,” the spokesman said.

“For instance, customers situated a long way from a … node will see lower top speeds than those that are very close to a node.”

The problem is that neither the NBN nor the retailers right now have the technology that can determine accurately what speed a customer’s residence can achieve ahead of installation.

“This is a gap in the market and our investment in this ­technology will help ensure ­customers select speed tiers ­appropriate to the underlying capability of NBN network at their premises,” the Telstra spokesman said.

“This estimate will take into consideration network capacity, backhaul and, where appropriate, the distance a customer is from the NBN node.”

Also, connections can fluctuate depending on the time of day.

James Ioppolo & Erin Guhl of Victoria Park pays Telstra $95 every month for the top 100Mbps package but they achieve download speeds of 0.2Mbps in the evenings.

NBN said that they couldn’t find any fault on its network and asked Mr. James Ioppolo to get back to his service provider regarding any speed issues.