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Migrate Wix to WordPress

Are you deciding to move your Wix website to WordPress?

You are then in the right path. Migrating to WordPress is always a better option. After all, WordPress is the most popular & widely used Content Management System in the world. It offers many ready-to-use features as well as technical flexibility.

While moving a website from one platform to another, it is important to implement proper technical procedures. If you fail to do so, your existing search engine rankings can be affected, as well as your website visitors may disappear at the same time. Migrating a website from one platform to another requires professional technical assistance.

At FLYONIT, we have a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced developers who excel in their field as well as offer outstanding solutions to businesses, helping them stand out in this highly competitive business environment. Since years our developers have been helping our clients migrate Wix websites to WordPress. We also offer website maintenance support to our esteemed clients from time to time.

So if you want to move your Wix website to WordPress, give us a call on 1300 359 664.

Key benefits of migrating to WordPress from Wix:

  • WordPress websites works great with Google as well as takes care of 90 % of the SEO itself whereas Wix is extremely unfriendly with Google.
  • WordPress supports web tools such as Analytics, Webmaster as well as Google Adsense to help you make your work simpler.
    Unlike predesigned WIX themes, you can easily customize your designs as well as themes.
  • Instead of paying huge costs for Wix developers, you can hire WordPress developers at minimal charges.
  • Unlike Wix which comes with many hosting as well as domain transfer issues, WordPress enables you to host your website on any sever.
  • WordPress is renowned for blogs globally.
  • Unlike Wix, WordPress can be accessed from any mobile device, pc, laptops or tablet.
  • Everything you do on WordPress is absolutely free whereas Wix charges for almost everything.
  • You can have total control of your WordPress Site.
  • You can easily extend the functionality of your website with over 10,000 Plugins available.
Migrate Wix to WordPress

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