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Microsoft’s Bing might Fill Gap if Google Pulls Out Search Engine Services

Google has threatened to pull Google Search from Australia if a new rule proposal passes, and Microsoft is all set to step in. Facebook has also threatened to make major deviations if the proposal passes. Microsoft feels that its search engine, Bing, can fill the gap if Google steps out of the Australian market for search.

Microsoft President Brad Smith summarizes some opinions. He emphasizes mainly the changing scenery of media and journalism. “Microsoft recognizes that the media sector and public interest journalism currently face many challenges from the digital era, including changing business models and evolving consumer preferences.

That is why Microsoft has long supported the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) efforts to analyze these issues and proposes world-first solutions.”
Smith does not mention Google exactly, but the proposal has made headings generally due to tech giants Google and Facebook. Following bullet points from Smith’s post address Bing’s potential role in Australia:

“Microsoft will ensure that small businesses who wish to transfer their advertising to Bing can do so simply and with no transfer costs. We recognize the important role search advertising plays to the more than two million small businesses in Australia.”

“We will invest further to ensure Bing is comparable to our competitors and we remind people that they can help, with every search Bing gets better at finding what you are looking for.”

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