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Microsoft to Launch a Special Skype Version for Freelancers

Microsoft will be launching a unique version of Skype this week, built specifically for business owners as well as freelancers. The company is planning to preview this new skype version soon as a desktop client in the United States.

The software giant’s “Skype Professional Account” will be a very simple as well as easy way for business owners & freelancers to connect with their customers. The service will enable users to schedule meetings, store notes, take payments, as well as make calls from Skype. Also, the users of Skype Professional Account will get their own personal profile page where they will be able to showcase their work as well as connect with new customers. The new version of skype will be available as a separate app from the main Skype app, though. Microsoft is presently building a standalone app for the new version of skype on the desktop, but it is unlikely we will see new Skype apps on mobile.

Many people use Skype for offering services like consulting, music lessons, etc. But for years, the experience was not satisfactory. Users had to use other third-party services such as PayPal as well as Outlook Calendar for taking payments & scheduling meetings. However, Microsoft is presently trying to tackle these problems effectively by offering an all-in-one package.

With Skype Professional Account, freelancers as well as business owners will be able to do all the things needed to be done to conduct a business with just one app. Scheduling meetings, booking as well as giving lessons, doing transactions, all could be effortlessly done from one place.

It is not yet clear if Microsoft wants to run this as a free service once the preview is finished. However, testers can sign-up to try it out over at Microsoft’s Skype homepage.

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