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Microsoft is Simplifying the Name of Its Tasks App in Teams

Microsoft is finally getting ready to simplify the name of its Tasks app in Teams. Microsoft revealed its plot change name the Planner app within Microsoft Teams to ‘Tasks’ last year, and this is happening in three phases. The first phase rebranded the mobile version of Planner in Teams to Tasks, and then the desktop version of the Planer app in Teams was renamed to ‘Tasks by Planner to Do’ in the second phase back in December.      

This will change next month when the branding effort will hit its third and final phase, where the app gets renamed to Tasks. “This update reflects the final stage where we shorten Tasks by Planner and To Do to simply Tasks for simplicity, brevity and to better reflect the app combining the To Do and Planner experiences. You’ll still be able to find the app by searching Planner or To Do and this will not impact the functionality of the app,” the company clarified in a message on the Microsoft 365 Admin Center.   

Microsoft utters that the name change will make it easier for users to find the task management app in the desktop version of Teams. As natural, this update will be rolled out slowly instead of a faster and wider release. It will start rolling out to all Microsoft Teams users in early May, and the deployment should be complete by mid-May.

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