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Microsoft Cloud Compliance Management

Microsoft Azure has grown considerably across numerous verticals. Azure implementation and development have opened up to create the same requirement of on-premises infrastructure, that is, the requirements for Azure security, Azure usage, Azure compliance, auditing, Azure reporting, and analytics across all Azure services.
Most IT compliance regulations mandate log management as part of their audit prerequisites. This is because log monitoring is an important feature of IT security. Auditing your logs is a necessity to identify and respond to security cases. Over the past few years, organizations have been gradually turning to cloud-based approaches to audit their network for compliance. You can proactively track, audit, report, alert, and respond to all, access to files and folders on Windows Servers and in the Cloud.

Benefits of Cloud-based IT compliance Management:

Below are the five key reasons why organizations are turning to Cloud-based Log Management tools for helping them with compliance audits.
• Storing logs on the cloud does provide added security measures compared to on-premises storage
• Organizations need to pay only for the storage space they require, making cloud-based storage cost-effective.
• The solutions can be set up easily, and security teams can start monitoring their logs instantly.
• Accredited administrators can access logs, monitor security events, and view compliance reports securely from wherever.
• A cloud-based solution will make it easy for you to scale up.

Microsoft Cloud Compliance Management

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We offer our clients a comprehensive Audit solution. We have the tools, skills, and manpower for supporting businesses with ongoing regulatory compliance management. Our auditors are specialists in the Microsoft Azure Cloud.

FLYONIT delivers you various features that provide you complete visibility and control of your Azure environment and also allowing you to audit and report in your entire Azure resources. We are presently assisting businesses all over the state, so contact us today to learn more and how to get started

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