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Microsoft Authentication Outage Affects Teams and Azure Portal

An Azure Active Directory outage is keeping users from logging into Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and Exchange Online. Starting at around 3:34 PM EST, users started revealing being not able to login to their Microsoft 365 accounts, Microsoft Teams, or access other Microsoft applications.

“As a result of the issues currently facing Azure AAD, we are currently experiencing problems on the Microsoft Tech Community with login and authentication. This will result in users being unable to login and users already logged in getting unexpected errors as sessions timeout,” posted a Microsoft Tech Community manager.

Microsoft has confirmed that the extensive outages affecting Microsoft’s online services are the result of an Azure Active Directory (AAD) configuration issue. This issue is preventing users from authenticating to Microsoft 365, Exchange, Online, Microsoft Teams, or any other service depending on AAD.   

“Starting at approximately 19:15 UTC on 15 Mar 2021, a subset of customers may experience issues authenticating into Microsoft services, including Microsoft Teams, Office and/or Dynamics, Xbox Live, and the Azure Portal,” reads the Azure status page.

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