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Life Saving Navigation Technology of Your Car

Life Saving Navigation Technology of Your Car

Car companies are welcoming new mapping technology which will change the process you find destinations. It also saves your time as well as life. Jaguar Land Rover adds 3 words to their in-car navigation features. Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Ford, Subaru, Lamborghini, and others also create a new look at their in-car navigation. 

What 3 Words is basically a map system. The world is divided into three meters by three-meter squares by this map system. A unique combination of three words linked to its location is given by each square. This system is easy to remember than any others, like longitude coordinates, GPS latitude, etc. 

The MCG’s sporting pitch’s center is “round.hurt.digits”. It provides information easier to relay to family, emergency services, or friends than “37.8200° S, 144.9834° E”. 

To communicate location details grid squares of the system can make it easier. It is opposed to intersections and street names. 

On off-road, it also works very well. It also provides a feature, where provide rescuers with their exact whereabouts, and adventurers can agree on a meeting point or track back to their base camp.    

In less dangerous situations, this system also works well.  

Using a What 3 Words location, a teenager who is waiting outside a busy concert at Sydney’s ANZ Stadium can be collected easily by his parents easily rather than describe his original position.      

Anyone can also add the start and stop points of their trip. So, you can easily plan your trips. 

You can check your traffic in your area. You can able to see the traffic updates in your area. So, you can choose your way of journey properly. You can also see the typical traffic in your area. So, you can see what traffic will be like later in the day or week. 

You don’t know what direction you’re facing? You don’t know a right or a left turn you’re supposed to make? You can use the compass and you can perfectly orient yourself. 

Automotive safety is the weakest link of human behavior. This technology provides better security and reduces accident chances in your car. 


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