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Know Why WordPress is the Most Popular Content Management System in the World

WordPress started as a blogging platform, however now it has evolved to be used as full CMS or content management system. Now you can create fully functional websites and mobile applications with WordPress.

The best thing about WordPress is that it is extremely flexible as well as easy to use. That is why it has become the most popular and widely used Content Management System in the world, with over 59.4% market share.

Have a look at a few surprising WordPress statistics (updated in 2016)

  • WordPress is now actually powering over 26.4% of the entire internet, and it is on the rise.
  • WordPress websites globally publish almost 24 posts per second which means 1,481 blog posts per minute, 88,888 in an hour as well as over 2.13 million per day.
  • Apart from this WordPress websites get 22.17 billion page views monthly.
  • WordPress blogs get over 46.6 million comments every month.
  • There are over 2.7 million global searches monthly for WordPress.
  • WordPress 4.6 has been downloaded over 21.7 million times.
  • There are almost 72 translations of WordPress.
  • There are over 47,000 WordPress plugins.
  • The number 1 downloaded plugin is still Akismet.
  • WordPress is more popular with businesses.

Take a look at some of the famous sites powered by WordPress:

  • The New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal’s Speakeasy
  • People Magazine
  • National Geographic
  • Forbes

Now have a look at some of the benefits of WordPress

WordPress is easy to use

As said earlier, the best part about WordPress is that it is very easy to use & it has an intuitive interface. Adding blog posts, new pages, etc. is very easy & can be done very quickly. As the technology is so simple, total time spent on formatting is reduced greatly.

One can manage their site from any computer

As WordPress is browser-based, one can login from any computer & manage their website.

There is no need of any HTML Editing or FTP Software

As WordPress is a self-contained system, it does not need HTML editing software like Adobe Contribute or Dreamweaver. One can create a blog post or a new page, format text, upload documents, upload images as well as edit them, upload video files, image galleries, etc. without the need for any HTML or FTP software.

WordPress sites are loved by search engines

WordPress is written using standard compliance high quality code & produces semantic mark up due to which the site becomes very attractive to search engines.

One can have total control of their WordPress Site

With WordPress, you don’t have to wait for your designer to make simple updates to your website. You can have total control of almost every aspect of your website & can make those simple updates easily without anyone’s help.

You can change your site’s design quickly

With thousands of themes available for WordPress, one can easily and quickly change the design of their WordPress website.

Google loves WordPress sites

As WordPress websites are updated quite frequently, & the content tends to be structured well, WordPress websites rank very quickly as compared to a static website.

You can extend the functionality of your website with Plugins

Plugins enables you to extend the functionality of your Website without even knowing how to program. With more than 10,000 plugins available, you can add all kinds of functionality to your website, like SEO, social media sharing, photo slideshows, & many more.


WordPress is not only the most widely used, easy to use, popular, modern as well as fully customizable Content Management System out there, but it is also very reliable, secure & supported by communities globally.

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