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Know Why Upgrading Magento to the Latest Version is Important

Magento is the most popular Content Management System for e-commerce.  It is now chosen as a major digital commerce platform by more than 200,000 online retailers because of its scalability, modular architecture as well as a wide range of options. However, like any other CMS, upgrading Magento to its latest version is highly important.

Software updates & upgrades occur for many reasons. Security is the most important reason to implement an upgrade. If your website gets compromised, it’s not just your reputation that is impacted, but your merchants as well as customers also. One security breach can even result in shutting down a business.

Know what will be the consequences if your Magento store gets hacked

  • You will be suffering potential financial loss.
  • Reputation of your business can be impacted.
  • The personal information of your customers will be compromised along with their financial data such as Credit or Debit Card information. Your customers can also be a victim of identity theft.
  • In some cases, businesses may also have their privileges cancelled from financial institutions
  • Merchants can suffer damage to their reputations as well as loss of customers.
  • Also, there are legal as well as financial consequences.

That is why; security of your site should always be your primary concern. Never forget that security breach can cripple your business.

Here are the reasons why you should consider upgrading your Magento

  • By upgrading your existing Magento store to the latest version, you will get the benefits of new & improved features as well as functionalities which in turn will allow you sell more products and grow your online Business.
  • Security is the most important reason why you should consider upgrading. By upgrading to the latest versions, you can make it more secure as well as protect it from online vulnerabilities such as hacking, Malware etc.
  • With Magento Upgradation you will be able to take more advantages of extensions as well as plug-ins.
  • Magento Upgradation includes Custom Shipping as well as Payment Module Integration.
  • Upgradation will also helps in Speed Optimization as well as Website Optimization. It offers many in-built SEO features such as unique title, adding keywords as well as description for each page of your website.
  • By upgrading to the new version, you will also be getting better flexibility as well as control.
  • Version upgrade comes with more scalability than older, outdated version.
  • Advanced API & web services will make your store & any 3rd party software integration easy.

Magento is constantly adding new features, functionalities and fixes. Hence, upgrading Magento to the latest version is highly important. Keeping Magento updated will not only fix security problems, but it will improve its performance too.

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