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Know How to Speed Up Windows 10 & Fix Slow Computer

Is your PC not performing well? Here are a few tips that can help you speed up your Windows 10 system without compromising its appearance as well as functionality. Although most are free, some involve spending on third-party software or new hardware.

Speed Up your Windows 10 with third-party software or new hardware

If you are having an older, lower-power machines and you are looking for a speed boost, the free methods won’t be helping you. In this case, it is better for you to try some extra third-party software or new hardware for boosting system performance with higher efficiency.

You Need to Install an SSD Startup Drive

Many users have experienced a remarkable speedup after they have installed a solid-state (SSD) startup drive on their desktop PC. And not only for Windows startup, but also for loading as well as using demanding applications like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Here is how you can migrate OS to SSD without reinstalling Windows using EaseUS Todo Backup.

Step 1. First launch EaseUS Todo Backup & then click “Clone”. Select the source disk (where Windows 10 is) as well as the destination disk (the SSD), then tick “Optimize for SSD” under “Advanced options” & after thst click “Next”.

Step 2. Then preview the disk layout & click “Proceed” for starting the process. After cloning, you need to shut down the computer & remove HDD. You can then restart your computer & enjoy new Windows 10 life on SSD.

Also, you can try EaseUS Partition Master for speeding up Windows 10 by increasing C drive space, cleaning up disk or checking disk errors or corruption.

Increase C drive space

Step 1. Launch EaseUS partition software, then right click the D: partition & select “Resize/Move partition” to carve up free space for the system partition (C: drive).

Step 2. Then position your mouse pointer on the partition that you need resize to leave more free space for extending system partition & drag the handle for adjusting its exact size. And then, click “Apply” for extending C drive.

Clean Up Your Disk

Launch EaseUS partition tool & then click Cleanup and Optimization > Junk File Cleanup > Analyze. This tool will find unnecessary or junk files from the system, generated while browsing the web or produced by applications. Simply check as well as choose the files you want to clean up & then click “Clean up”.

Check disk errors or corruption

Launch EaseUS partition software, then right-click a disk & a partition -> Check partition. Then follow the wizard to start & complete the disk error checking process.

Now have a look at some free ways to speed Up Windows 10 without software

Uninstall Crapware

First, right-click on the Windows logo Start button, & then select the top choice Programs & Features. Here, you will be able to easily uninstall an app.

Limit Startup Processes

You need to press Ctrl-Shift-Esc for opening the Task Manager, then switch to the Startup tab, & you can see all the programs that load at Windows startup are marked as Enabled. You can right-click on any one that you do not want to run for changing its status to Disabled.

Check for Viruses & Spyware

For doing this, you need to run the built-in Windows Defender or a third-party app.

Change Power Settings to Maximum Performance

For this, head to Control Panel / System and Security / Power Options. Then, click on the dropdown arrow on the right side & choose High Performance. This is of course not a great choice if you wish to save electricity; however, it can boost your computing.

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