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Know how social media can help you grow your business

There was a time when social media marketing was not taken so seriously but nowadays maximum businesses are realizing the power of social media and are therefore aggressively getting in on the game. Today over 73% of business owners use social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, &Pinterest to market their business. Social media marketing is nowadays considered as one of the most powerful marketing tools.

Benefits of Social Media for Business

Businesses can expose their business to new eyes

Social media helps businesses expose their products or service to new eyes. Also it helps businesses gain insight as to exactly what type of people follows their company. Getting to know their audience can help them discover some new creative ways to reach them.

Unbiased reviews on product, or service gives businesses a scope to improve

These days consumers are leaving more online feedback or reviews than ever before. Either they show their hate or love for your service or product. This is turn provide businesses a great scope to improve and show customers that you really care about them.

Businesses can get more inbound traffic

Creating and sharing content of interest to your market regularly will help you attract more followers and drive traffic back to your site.

It helps small sized businesses lower their advertising cost

It cost less to make a post on social media than to print flyers. With Facebook ad campaigns, you can reach more people than billboards at a low cost.

According to 2013 Social Media Examiner Study, at least 62 percent of businesses with 10 or fewer employees admitted that social media helped them reduce their marketing expenses.

It also helps businesses get more leads

Social media marketing can help you dramatically increase your leads as well as sales. There are many people who tweet about a specific need they have. By engaging with this audience daily, you can definitely get more leads and boost your sales.

Also by posting quality content or an informative infographic, you can draw far more attention to your posts and get more leads.

Here are some interesting statistics that show the growing popularity of social media marketing in today’s business world

  • Over 92 percent of small businesses believe social media is necessary for their business.
  • Around 50 million small businesses are now using Facebook pages.
  • Over 63% of small businesses spend six or more hours every week on social media marketing.
  • 90 percent of B2B businesses witnessed increased exposure from social media.
  • 66 percent of B2C brands see Facebook as an effective marketing channel.
“A good social media presence provides excellent exposure for brands, bringing the company, its products and or services to a wider audience effectively and efficiently.”

So if you have still not jumped on the social media marketing bandwagon, you are doing a blunder. In this generation, social media marketing has become a MUST for every business. In order to stay ahead of the competition, having a h4 social media presence is absolutely mandatory.


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