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Know Why Domain Privacy is So Important For You

Did you know that your domain registration details are often made available online? Your personally identifiable information that probably you would  like to keep confidential is exposed to anyone having internet access.

Just a simple ‘WHOIS’ search will expose your name, telephone numbers, residential address, email address, etc to the public.

Doesn’t that sound scary to you?

This is the reason why the practice of using a fake registrant name as well as fake address for the WHOISdata is very common nowadays.

The ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), has a policy stating that every registrar must keep a WHOIS database that contains publicly accessible contact information for all names that have been registered.  And, if you don’t provide complete or correct information; your domain name may be deleted from the registry.

But you don’t need to worry. Domain privacy can keep your worries at bay.  Domain privacy is an additional service offered by domain registrars.

By taking advantage of domain privacy service, you will be able to hide your personal information from the public WHOIS database. Anyone who search for your domain in the directory will be able to still see you listed as owner . They can also see an email address that they can use to contact you. However, they will not be able to see any other contact information, & the email address will be a proxy one that will make it possible to reach you, but it won’t be your actual email address.

Top 3 reasons why  domain privacy is important

Domain privacy can protect your personal information

You would probably not be comfortable with the idea of random strangers knowing your personal details including address as well as phone number. Even if it is just a business address & phone number, this is probably where you spend a considerable amount of your each day.

Apart from the discomfort that you might feel, there is the risk of identity theft. Every piece of your vital personal information that becomes accessible to cyber criminals puts you a little more at risk of identity theft. Hence, it is your responsibility to make your personal information tougher to find in order to reduce your risk . And this is where domain privacy comes in. Domain privacy can help you protect your personal information as well as prevent your critical information from getting into the wrong hands.

It can even help you reduce spam

Some telemarketers may use Whois information for adding new phone numbers to their call lists. This means you would be getting more annoying sales calls. Also , having your email address out in the open may result in an increase in junk mail. This is the reason why you need domain privacy. Domain privacy can help you keep unwanted spammers at bay.

It can protect your site from unwarranted domain association

By keeping all relevant information private, you will be able to protect your website from being used by other sites without your permission. This protects your domain from being associated with shady sites that can affect your site’s integrity negatively, such as adult websites.


Although domain privacy is not free, the cost is negligible when you consider its benefits. If you want to prevent your personal information from getting into the wrong hands, then it’s definitely an investment worth making.

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