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Know How Augmented Reality (AR) Technology Can Help Hotels Stand Out

Augmented & virtual reality is one of today’s coolest technology. In the highly competitve hospitality industry, many hoteliers are implementing AR technology in order to elevate as well as enhance the experience of their current & potential guests.

Today, there are many companies that provide AR technology now — all in different applications that range from games & education to cultural experiences & hospitality solutions.

For example, Paris-based Augment offers technology that can be an excellent asset for hotels hosting events. Through Augment’s abilities, hospitality team will be able to show the event planners each and every aspect of the envisioned design scheme — in real-time.  Using the actual event space as a base, you can simply add features to the real-time room — such as hors d’oeuvres areas, table configurations, the dance floor, podiums, visual displays like oversized photos & even mingling guests. This can give the event planners a virtual rehearsal for their event. In case any anything looks “off”,they will be able to reassess before the actual decorating gets underway.

Also, hotels can easily integrate Augment with their booking system. This will give the potential guests the opportunity to explore individual rooms through an App. When they point their smart phone or tablet at a floorplan, a real-world, three-dimensional model will appear.

Brochures as well as marketing materials can also be enhanced. When guests frame the hotel’s skybar photo in their smart device’s camera, they will be able enter the space virtually as well as experience it interactively.

Now what about the entertainment angle? Just imagine a London hotel bringing the wedding of Prince William & Kate to life, right in front of you. Or a kid being able to enter their favorite Disney story at a hotel in Los Angeles.  Thanks to companies, like New York-based Timelooper™, those types of experiences can be a delightful “reality” that guests are definitely into.

Augmented reality (AR) technology is  growing every single day and opportunities to enhance properties as well as guest experiences are also growing with it. By using this technology, hoteliers will be able to gain a distinct advantage in a competitive industry.

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