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IPhone Development

We are excited to design and develop successful applications for iPhone and iPod Touch and now for iPad.

In times when there is a shortage of professional iPad and iPhone Application Developers on the market we are able to continue taking new clients and projects and provide cost-effective iPhone and iPad app development.

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IPhone Development

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IPhone Development

What we serve:


  • Tools for Creating App Mockups


  • Protocols
  • Strings
  • Custom URL Schemes
  • Saving Data

User Interface

  • Sizes of iPhone UI Elements
  • The Status Bar – hiding; setting the color
  • UIAlertView – pop-up alert messages
  • UINavigationController
  • UIView – animating views


  • Checklist for submitting an app to the app store
  • Build your app for distribution
  • What to do when your app gets approved
  • Tracking App Usage and Sales


  • Setting up a web page for your app
  • Designing an iPhone-friendly Website
  • Promoting Your App

Our Work