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Importance of Employee Freedom and Job Satisfaction in Workplace

In 2012, an online survey was made by Right Management in U.S and Canada about job satisfaction in employees and the result was quite shocking. Among 411 workers, only 19% said that they were satisfied with their jobs. Another 16% were “somewhat satisfied” and the rest said that they were unhappy and dissatisfied with their jobs. This was indeed a shocking result. The reasons of dissatisfaction in workers are mainly poor working environment, level of pay, issues with management, lack of recognition, etc. Now the point is that how can employers resolve job dissatisfaction issues? The solution is simple. They should try to make employees feel happy and comfortable in the workplace and should reward them for their hard work. After all employee satisfaction is very important for high productivity and success of any business. So now let us discuss how to increase employee satisfaction.


7 Ways to Improve Employee Satisfaction:

1. Sense of Freedom:

Employees expect a fulfilling job. They should be given some freedom. Employees feel comfortable when they get some freedom in their workplace. Sense of freedom leads to higher level of motivation. They should be given the freedom to take some decision. Freedom of speech is important for a company success. They should be encouraged to find new business strategies for the company’s growth.

2. Training:

Training is necessary for employees because it boost employee confidence. It helps them to be self-sufficient. With proper training, employees can perform their work confidently, perfectly & independently.

3. Assign Work then Offer Choice:

Assign work but let them plan how they want to perform it. Employees should be given the freedom make their own schedule and execute their work.

4. Acknowledge employees’ Hard Work:

Employees’ hard work should always be acknowledged. If not, they will not get the energy to work hard.

5. Two Way Communication:

Two way communication is crucial to an employee’s growth and success. Creative ideas of employees should always be encourages & valued.

6. Giving Second Chance:

Giving a second chance to employees is very important. If you are supportive, employees will be motivated and will try not to make the same mistake again.

7. Reward Program:

Reward programs encourages employees to do better. It promotes competition.

8. Entertainment in Workplace:

Workplace should not be boring – Some competitions should be organized at least once a month. This will help employees to be stress free. Break from work is necessary.

A healthy work environment is very important for employees’ job satisfaction and a successful business. Employees should feel good to work in your company. They should feel comfortable in your workplace. They should be motivated to work self-sufficiently. They should be given room to grow. It is observed that employees, who are highly satisfied with their job, are more productive.

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