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How can technology help us to improve better sleep?

At present, insomniac patient is radically increasing in all over the world due to excessive stress, unplanned bed habit, unemployment, break up of relationship, depression or financial crisis. In different study, psychiatrist found that long term insomnia is one of the main causes of serious diseases like cancer, high pressure, paralysis or brain stroke. To mitigate insomnia related problems IT engineers, introduced some devices to improve sleeping quality and brain memory.

If people have used air cooler, a table fan, even the rhythm of clothing setting in a dryer to assist them to fall into sleep, they are far away from proper method. Majority of insomniac people looks for comfortable, pre-familiar or relentless volume to fall into sleep.

The reason is normally not noise which awaken us up or let us fall into sleep in the initial stage. Alternatively, it is the trivial change in noise that keep wake up — imagine a dog’s barking, door slamming or mild reflect of lightening.

That is where sleeping noise produce in environment. By setting our sleeping area with a continuous sound, we can resist all outside originated sounds and could make a more calming sleep and its environment.

Therefore, the sounds around us, we normally associated with and called white noise, for example static situation on television or whirling of a roof fan, usually those factors are not white noise. Moreover, one might be hearing to some sound closer to pink colour noise, brown colour noise or blue phase noise.

What’s should be sound frequency?

All right, let’s explain in to a bit of audiology. One can differentiate sound waves into two parts:

  1. Sleep Level of Amplitude, also known as power, which explain to the system legacy of waves. This is typically explained in decibel, a step of the range or volume of sounds.
  2. Sleep Level Frequency, which is also called to how fast is the wave vibrations at per second and is verified at Hertz units. For example, per single vibration refers one single Hertz at per cumulative second.

White noise

The best way of sleeping good, white noise has been attracted general people to sleep for age to age. The reason is white noise encountered all of the waves, any one can probably listen minimum 20 Hertz to maximum 20 thousand Hertz units, it contains the ability to resist out any outside noise.

Blue noise

The wave of blue noise is generally attached with high-wave end, with some less intense rhythm by balancing it out. For example, blue noise frequencies look like similar such as hiss-hiss of a running water pipe. If one is not sharp enough to high level of sounds, blue noise could be a great rhythm to protest outside sounds.

Brown noise

This noise refers to the deeper level of pink noises, eventually more low-frequency and bass tones concentrated energy. These noises reduced comparatively to white sounds, even comparable the rumble of a brass instrument humming or a hard sea wave during an ocean storm trembling.

Pink noise

The noise has been recent attraction for sleeping good, because of the some factors the recent study had found pink noise can be helpful to maximise time spent in bed to improve memory or quality of sleeping level.

Pink noise is a combination of low and high waves, like the noise of gentle ocean waves or sweet rain, making it calm and soft. It is more powerful in producing the mild frequency rather than white sound making, and such strong bass waves make it noise minimum harsh for human audiology.

Which noise is preferable for better sleeping?

The reality is, no one knows which is the best but they can compare and get better idea about better noise. Experts are not sure about this; reason is no researcher have conducted study that intensively comparing with various kinds of noise in a structured way. To detect out that, which kind of sound assists people to sleep better, assess them all out with a useful application.

We can prefer White Noise Lite for iOS app. By using this app whenever we need a little help knowing off. This app has all the different colours of noise referring this blog and other common noises, for example oscillating fan, air conditioner, thunderstorm or light rainfall. One can even combine tracks to prepare the expected sleep noise cocktail for them.

Once one finds a suitable sound then they might love it and consistently enjoy its potentiality to fall into sleep as their wish, consider collecting a sound device for sleeping, such as the White noise wave device, which have 22 sounds to select from. Devices usually offer high definition noise and can produce louder phase rather than a mobile phone can produce. Overall, white noise device is more useful than any other of its accurate and consistent noise production.


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