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Google gives more priority to SSL enabled websites

As the number of cyber security breaches incidents are increasing rapidly and affecting a large number of sites, including big names, Google has announced to reward websites with extra security. Sites using HTTPS, adding a SSL 2048-bit key certificate on the site — will get a minor ranking boost.

But do you know what exactly SSL is? SSL or Secure Socket Layer is basically a technology that is used to encrypt data that travels between a user’s computer & a website. SSL encryption is generally used to encrypt highly sensitive personal information, such as credit card details. By using SSL, these sensitive details are encrypted, making sure that even if someone gets these details, it will not be of any use to them because of the encryption of the information.

The search giant believes this move will encourage companies implement HTTPS encryption which in turn will be a benefit for both websites as well as users, as secure websites will get a ranking boost and appear higher in Google’s search results while users’ sensitive information will be better protected from Wi-Fi network-sniffing attacks.

If businesses are really concerned about cyber security, then they should consider getting an SSL certificate as early as possible. Getting an SSL certificate will help them ensure that each and every piece of data that is exchanged between their SSL site as well as the user’s browser is 100 percent protected so that even if any unwanted party gets this data, it will not be of any use to them.

Also, your customers will trust your website more as well as make purchase from your site without fearing if you have an SSL certificate. It has been seen that customers who know that all their sensitive information are better protected are more likely to keep coming back.

These days very rarely one can find popular websites that does not display the tiny lock icon next to its web address. Do you know why? It is because companies today have started recognizing the growing trend of user awareness especially when it comes to digital privacy. Each and every popular brand wants their valuable customers to have trust on their site as well as know that all their sensitive information are completely protected.

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