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Get Guidance of Cyber Bullying

Liquor affects different people in different ways, so can social media. Social media has numerous benefits but be conscious of the disadvantage too. Cyber Bullying – it is a subject that is not at all new for anyone. Every so often we come by with newscasts, reports, or hear from our networks or family about someone or the other bullied online.

We will be trying to increase consciousness about this vital matter which we face in our culture and which has taken several innocent lives in the past till dates. It’s high time to take this problem seriously and take rightful and instant actions to stop it as much as possible.

The internet has become a toxic space for kids as they meet innumerable bullying and abuse.

Knowing the signs of Cyberbullying:

• You kids suddenly have no interest in the computer, even if they loved using it before.
• They don’t want to use a computer or tablet with you around.
• They turn off the screen or quickly change the monitor when you are near.
• They seem anxious when they get a new text message or social media notification.
• They don’t want to go to school.

What should you do?

• Support your child.
• Assist your kid to step away from the PC or device and take a break.
• If you can recognize the bully, consider speaking with the parents.
• Contact your child’s school.
• Reach out to your kid’s principal.
• If neither of those plans works, you may need to get law enforcement involved.

Getting bullied is no fun.
Let your kid know that it is not his or her mistake and there is nothing to feel embarrassed.
Each of us must take responsibility for making a generous world where bullying has no place.

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