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FLYONIT provides IT support to the Indian Prime Minister’s Historical Melbourne visit.

In the last week we were granted an opportunity to provide IT technical support to the Indian Prime Minister’s visit to Melbourne. It was not only a great experience working for The Prime Minister of India but was a lifetime experience. It was a privilege for us to work for him as contractor by providing the Prime Minister and His team Technical Support. The main Technical support was provided to PMO (Prime Minister Office), CGI (Consulate General of India), SPG (Special Protection Group) and TCL (Tata Communication Limited) and the venue was Hotel Grand Hyatt.

Our job was not only to provide Technical IT support to the team but it was our responsibility  to provide our best output in one of the most intense environment without any chances taken in order to maintain the faith and the relationship especially with CGI and SPG and all the other team members. Although there were few difficulties that we faced as some of the servers went down but they were no match to our skills. Therefore everything was perfect and we managed to work as a team without making any mistakes which helps the two nations to get closer and the PM’s visit to Melbourne went smooth.

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