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Protect Your Customers from Cyber Attacks

In 2022, for most organizations preventing cyber-attacks is a top security concern. This year ransomware damaged the daily life all of us. Day by day attacks is growing steadily in size and sophistication. One of many major hacks in the news is the Colonial Pipeline ransomware incident. A single data breach added more than $4 million in costs for companies per incident, last year cybersecurity experts reported this. It is assumed that by the end of 2023 cybersecurity criminals hijack billions of confidential records.  

FLYONIT protects thousands of customers’ essential business data throughout the world and ensures clients’ data is secure and readily available when needed. Gives the best result in a malware attack. A comprehensive matrix of safeguards is maintained by us to protect the data.   

How does FLYONIT protect from cyber attack?

FLYONIT successfully protects your business’ online systems against malware attacks, like safeguarding any desktop computers, mobile devices, or servers your customers and you use. Below some points are mentioned, that FLYONIT follows to prevent and quickly stop cyber-attacks.

  1. Firstly FLYONIT takes back up a mix of physical and virtual servers running on Linux, Windows, or Mac. Now, it customizes recovery points on the device. It is installed locally at your site.
  2. The data cloud replication indicates that when your primary site goes down, data is available. The restore points ensure that with a set of monthly backups, you always have the latest version of your data.
  3. FLYONIT’s flagship Siris product allows backups of on-premise servers by instant virtualization and started remotely in FLYONIT’s secure Cloud or either locally on the FLYONIT appliance. Thus, when your servers are down, it allows operating your business.

Now, we are discussing a summary of data protection standards to protect corporate facilities and data in the FLYONIT Cloud-
Corporate Facilities-

  1. Manned security of corporate offices during business hours and periodic inspection of our corporate headquarters.
  2. Employee keycard access enforced by automatic locks and elevator controls
  3. For desktops and essential corporate services, provide strong passwords
  4. To ensure that all machines are free of viruses and other malware attacks, we implement 10-minute inactivity lockout policy on desktops and comprehensive anti-virus software
  5. We have a strict visitor policy, So, all visitors have to provide their name and corporate affiliation, and sign in and out using an automated procedure

FLYONIT Cloud and Data Centers-

  1. To perform administrative functions two-factor authentication is needed.
  2. For all FLYONIT cloud servers network firewalls, file integrity, and web application firewalls monitoring
  3. FLYONIT Cloud’s storage servers will be properly patched and configured, It will be ensured by our centralized configuration management software
  4. Using third-party software we provide quarterly network vulnerability scans and annual independent third-party penetration tests of the FLYONIT Cloud infrastructure
  5. Administrative employee access and commands logs run on FLYONIT cloud servers and give maximum protection.

Clients will be secured, instantly restorable, and connected with:

  1. For physical and virtual systems we provide business continuity solutions
  2. Local data and business-critical cloud protection
  3. Provide military-grade security with high-performance networks
  4. Best ransomware protection

What security benefits you will get from FLYONIT?

  1. Integrate backup process – FLYONIT’s solutions mirror the data to the FLYONIT cloud instantly after backup your data to onsite FLYONIT appliances. So, you get immediate access to backing up your data in the cloud.
  2. Robust security – Our advanced ZFS file system protects your data against accidental and silent corruption, as well as malicious third parties and provides seamless protection.
  3. Virtualize your data instantly – It can successfully virtualize your data within a second and provide you with an immediate and recent backup of your data.
  4. Long-term data continuity – On-site FLYONIT appliances allow you to access data dating far back into the past by maintaining backups for months.
Protect Your Customers from Cyber Attacks

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