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Fibre to the Distribution Point

FTTdp or Fibre to the Distribution Point is the new game changer technology which could help in delivering fast as well as reliable connections to businesses & homes around Australia.

FTTdp or Fibre to the Distribution Point technology is very similar to FTTN or Fibre to the Node technology in which nbn™ fibre runs from the nbn network to point of interconnect & then terminates at cabinet or node near the group of premises that it will be servicing, & then make use of the existing copper network in order to connect each individual premises. But, for FTTdp, instead of a node in your street, it delivers fibre to a “distribution point unit” near your premises before connecting via the copper network to your residence.



Know the benefits of an FTTdp connection

Are you wondering how delivering fibre to a distribution point unit or DPU is different from delivering it to a Node? It basically relies less on the copper network than FTTN. FTTdp has copper lengths less than 200m whereas FTTM has copper lengths upto 1 km, pushing the nbn™ fibre closer to your premises. As the length of copper network it needs is so short, nbn™ can employ technology. technology is a technology which works with 400m of copper or less as well as uses higher frequencies than VDSL2 technology in order to achieve even higher speeds.

Fibre to the Distribution Point

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Who will be getting it?

Bill Morrow, the chief executive of nbn™, expects 300k premises which were about to receive FTTN will be switched to FTTdp. It is going to be used largely in areas not suitable for FTTN or FTTP or areas with lower population density as well as where HFC is not available.

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At FLYONIT, we can help you connect to the National Broadband Network using FTTdp technology, providing you with super fast broadband speeds as well as better performance.

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