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Facebook Reveals 4 New Tools for Reaching People Internationally

Facebook has recently released research statistics about the performance of small as well as mid-sized businesses on its platform. Also, it has introduced new tools to help small & medium sized businesses better target audiences as well as convert sales.

More than one-in-three Australians small and mid-sized businesses on Facebook built their business on the platform, & around 46 percent say that they have been able to hire more employees because of growing demand from Facebook; around 61 percent say that they have increased sales due to the platform as well as nearly 59 percent believe that it enables them to sell services or products in other cities, state as well as countries.

Social media skills are highly regarded for employers, with around 62 percent claiming that digital as well as social skills are highly important when hiring a new candidate, more than where an applicant went to school.

The new tools introduced by Facebook in order to grow businesses include language matching capabilities as well as multi-country lookalike targeting.

Dynamic-language optimisation

This tool will allow businesses to place multiple languages within 1 advertising set, with Facebook matching the right language to the right user. Advertisers will be able to select up to 6 languages in each ad.

FBIQ Cross-Border Business Insights Finder

This tool will allow advertisers to unlock new growth opportunities by providing comparative country data based on previous campaign performance across Facebook, Instagram as well as Audience Network platforms.

Multi-country lookalikes

Multi-country lookalikes will enable advertisers find next best customers in a combination of countries of their choosing. Earlier, advertisers could create an international lookalike for finding best customers in one country.

Multi-city targeting

This tool will enable advertisers reach people in multiple cities based on population size.

There are around 1.6 billion people worldwide connected to a particular business on Facebook, with around 1.2 billion connected to a small sized business in another country. Nearly 210 million people from around the world are connected to an Australian business. The top 5 countries include US, UK, Canada, India as well as Pakistan.

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