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Why each and every business needs adequate website security?

With more than 30,000 sites being hacked everyday, website security has become a major concern of businesses across the world. A website breach could put customers’ data at risk, or in a worst-case scenario, could cripple your business. By having a high level of website security, you can ensure that customer confidence is preserved at every stage.

In this blog, I’ll discuss why you need adequate website security as well as how to secure your site so that your business doesn’t become the next victim.

Why you need adequate website security?

Even if you do not sell anything on your site, you will still need a high level of security in order to stop bots as well as malicious hackers from breaking in.

If website is not secured properly, the following things may happen to your site:

  • It can be taken offline for days
  • If your site in infected, it may lose rankings on Google
  • An infected site may reduce the confidence that your customers have in your business as well as damage your credibility.

5 ways to secure your website

Always keep all software updated

This applies not only to your site, but also you are supposed to keep each and every piece of software updated. Hackers work hard to find vulnerabilities as well as security flaws in software regularly. Software vendors, on the other hand, also regularly provide software fixes in order to patch up vulnerabilities that are exploited or found. If you don’t update your site as well as software whenever updates are available, you could be leaving your door wide open for hackers to exploit.

Keeping backups of your website is important

It is very important to keep everything backed-up. Today, there are a huge number of backup solutions available. By keeping backups of your website frequently, you can easily restore your hacked site from the most recent backup prior to the hack.

Try to limit user access

It is important to limit who has access to your important systems as well as website. This is because the more employees you have with access to systems, the higher the chances of someone from your company becoming victim to a hack.

Always use an SSL certificate

SSL Certificates are used to establish a secure, encrypted connection between your website as well as a visitor’s web browser. If your site utilizes logins, collects personal information, or processes payments, an SSL certificate is not only needed from most compliance standpoints, but also it will give assurances to your visitors that their privacy as well as security are taken seriously.

Switch to HTTPS

HTTPS, or “hyper-text transfer protocol secure” adds an extra layer of security. Communications between users & sites that support HTTPS are encrypted. Also, the information is authenticated. It can determine whether a site is real or not. Also, switching to HTTPS will help you boost your search rankings.

In a nutshell

Remember, your business website is your brand. It is the first point of contact with your customes. And if is not secure, those critical business relationships may be compromised.  So never take any chance.Try to take every possible step to prevent your website from being

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