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Computer Repair Insurance Quote

Have you damaged your computer, laptop, iPad, phone, or any other computer device accidentally? We can prepare a comprehensive report needed for your insurance company. We know how annoying insurance companies can be to deal with, particularly when you are trying to make a claim. This is the reason why we have streamlined the process. You just need to drop the damaged item to us in order to start the insurance claim process.

Know what kind of damage you can claim

Some of the most common issues that we can help with are:

  • Power surge,
  • Water damage
  • Accidental damage
  • Dropped equipment
  • Malicious damage


Here are the steps to getting an insurance quote

Drop your damaged item to us

You will have to drop your damaged product to us. No prior booking needed.

Diagnostics & quote

We will do a full assessment of your damaged item identifying the cause of the problem as well as what damage has been done &  then generate a clear, concise report for your insurance company!

And if you need data recovery, we can provide you with our smart data recovery solutions and help you recover your vital data.

So what are you waiting for? Call us or email us today to learn more.

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Computer Repair Insurance Quote

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