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Complete Data Protection for Businesses

Nowadays, simple daily backups are not enough to make sure your business can keep running even in the event of human error, equipment failure, flood, fire, or cyber security threats. So how will you be able to make sure that your IT environment has enough flexibility, redundancy as well as resilience to protect your valuable data, while remaining simple to set up, use as well as recover when disaster strikes?

Our product is a fully featured total data protection platform, provides fast backups & restores, as well as overall superior recovery times without any additional investment in enterprise infrastructure or complex integrations.

Key features of product

  • Your business will be able to easily protect any physical, virtual & cloud infrastructure running on Mac, Windows or Linux, as well as spin up lost servers in seconds without any additional tools.
  • The service allows automatic backups to a local device, as well as replicate backups to the Cloud.
  • You can quickly recover granular data from multiple points in time, or use local virtualization, Cloud virtualization – or both – in order to get back to business within minutes.
  • This product also makes it easy to schedule regular backups. In order to recover files, a few clicks in the intuitive SIRIS portal as well as Backup Insights will be generating a list of files for comparison between backups.

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Apart from backups

  • It offers a powerful disaster recovery as well as business continuity solution. Businesses come to a grinding halt whenever infrastructure fails.
  • It takes time to replace hardware and install. Infrastructure needs to be rebuilt, as well as backups need to be parsed & applied. Even with a good backup solution, this may take hours or days.
  • This is the reason why SIRIS offers image based backups that can be directly booted from the SIRIS device.
  • it provides an effective defense against ransomware. So, you can say goodbye to ransomware attacks, as well as hello to the simple preventative measures provided by SIRIS.

Have a look at some of its features

  • Single, fully-integrated platform
  • Hybrid cloud protection
  • Proprietary technology that allows rapid backups
  • Agentless & Agent-based Backup
  • No need of complex integrations or any additional products
  • Protects against ransomware attacks
  • Gets the business back online within minutes following planned or unplanned outages
  • When data is the lifeblood of your business, success will depend on how well your data is protected as well as managed.This product can help you protect your valuable business data, no matter where it lives.

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