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Climb to the Top of Google with These 5 Effective Steps

Who doesn’t want their business to show up at the top of Google? Of course everyone does, even you do. After all, higher rank means more visitors, & more visitors mean more sales.

These days most of the people do their research online before making a purchase. And according to experts, the top listing in Google’s organic search results gets majority of the search traffic.  So if you desire to capture valuable search traffic, it is important for you to climb to the top of Google.

Also, when people see your site in the first pages of Google they will know that it is a good website as Google is trusting it as well as showing it in their results.

However, climbing to the top of Google is not that easy. It can be extremely competitive.

In this blog, I will share with you some proven ways that can help you rank higher in Google’s search results.

Analyse your SEO competitors properly

You need to begin your SEO activities with your competitor’s analysis. By doing so, you will be able to strongly compete with them. You will then be able to map out how to beat your competitors at their own game.

Your goal should be to exceed your competitors. For that you have to analyse them & their website properly, analyze the keywords they use, check the backlinks, and evaluate their presence on social media.

Monitoring your competitors is a never ending task. By properly monitoring them, you will understand what you need to do in order to stay ahead of them in the search results. You will have to try to get more links than they have.

Target proper and relevant keywords

Using proper keywords that are relevant to your website’s contents is highly important if you want to get your website found by the right customers.

While choosing keywords, you have to understand what people want, what they look for, and so on.

Generally, the best keywords are 2 to 4 word phrases that correctly describe what exactly you offer using simple language that people are more likely to type in. Also, your keywords should not be so competitive that chances of getting on the front page become next to impossible.

Some common mistakes in keywords selection include targeting:

  • Keywords which are unpopular
  • Highly-competitive terms
  • Single-word keyword
  • Keywords that are not focused to what you offer
  • Keywords that are too specialized, & which nobody searches for

Post unique blogs on a regular basis

Blogging is highly important for getting good SEO results. It also helps to drive more traffic to your website.

Always try to write blog content that are unique as Google love unique contents. Also the title of your blog should be SEO friendly.

Longer style blog posts as well as list style posts also gain Google’s attention, as they are deemed to be more valuable to readers.

Although your blogs can take some time to gain traction on Google’s search results, with continued efforts you will soon be able to see results.

Proper on page SEO is a MUST

On page SEO is the most important process you can use for achieving better rankings. Proper on-page SEO includes Title, adding the focused keyword in the URL, Meta description, image name, headers, alt, link title, anchor text, as well as content. It is very essential to have a proper on page SEO before doing backlinks, social shares etc.

Each website page needs to have the following elements for a healthy SEO:

  • Title Tag (under 70 characters)
  • Meta Description (under 160 characters)
  • H1 & H2 Tags (use keywords in header tags)
  • Alt Text (use keywords in image)
  • Keyword in Content (at least once, bolded)

Getting high quality backlinks is important

Obtaining quality back links from high authority websites is very important for ranking high in the Google SERPs. The quality as well as quantity of websites links to your website will determine your ranking.

Unfortunately there are no hard & fast rules for getting ranked on Google quickly. However, following these steps you definitely help you improve your Google search ranking.

Also remember that SEO is an always evolving process. Hence, staying updated with the latest trends as well as algorithm updates is very important.

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