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Case Study- Datto services for MS azure

Case Study- Datto services for MS azure


Datto Services for MS Azure is a total business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution. You can predict these costs easily. You might have probably go-through a misconception that backup is not required for the data storage in the cloud. The data may be deleted from the cloud for many reasons. It is built exclusively for managed service providers (MSPs). It gives streamlined recovery for critical business infrastructure residing in Azure. It also provides customized protection. It is basically multi-cloud protection. To the secure Datto Cloud, it provides hourly replication, recovery point objective (RPO) performance, daily backup verification, and optimal recovery time objective (RTO). 

For protecting Microsoft Azure workloads, it is a comprehensive continuity solution. You can agree to a shared responsibility model when you run workloads on Microsoft Azure, which leaves you responsible for the protection and security of everything running on the data, cloud, endpoints, applications, and so on. For getting recoverability and maximum protection, you need an Azure backup solution. It runs on a secure and separate private cloud. 


Cloud services can fail just like on-prem servers. They are not foolproof. The workloads are present in Azure just as unsafe to data corruption, ransomware, user error, and hardware failure. Also, remember for protecting information hosted on its cloud servers Microsoft does not take any responsibility. So, you have to require a solution for MS azure where you can get a profitable reliable data protection solution with secured Backup and recovery features.  


MS azure can be run very securely Under “Datto services”. There are many reasons that you should use Datto services which are-  

  1. Reliable data protection- For Microsoft’s shared responsibility model, users are responsible for keeping their data protected, recoverable, and secure. So, you have to keep your data secure for Microsoft Azure. So, with the Datto service, you can protect your data very easily than other solutions available in the market.
  2. Secured backup and recover Azure workloads– You have to increase your strength when you are protecting against any cyber security threats or ransomware. You cannot get geographically distributed locations and cloud deletion defence features in any other services except Datto. So, only Datto gives guarantees of data sovereignty.   
  3. Profitable solution– Another cloud service cost is very high and it limits your margin. Datto provides you with a flat-fee solution, which can cover all of your BCDR costs, including virtualization and egress. Thus, Datto Continuity for Microsoft Azure abolishes the confusion of calculating your monthly cloud bill and gives you a cost-reducing solution also.
  4. Minimize downtime– It easily manages data protection at scale, where will be sure that your backups are easily recoverable, bootable, and complete. So, the business’s downtime can be easily minimized, which is depend on you.


  1. Grow your business– It provides business continuity solutions saving your time, money, and headaches. Its, easy-to-manage products help expand your reach and close more businesses.
  2. Secured and powerful cloud– Datto Cloud is famous for easy backup and recovery. You can do it anytime, anywhere in the world with no additional cost.
  3. Maximize uptime and minimize downtime– It provides Protection against permanent cloud data loss and gives restore options for any scenario. This minimises downtime and helps to gain profit.
  4. Increase business efficiency- Its integration with popular RMM tools and simple setup reduce lag time to protection and also its efficient management and service delivery increase your business efficiency.
  5. Continuous data protection– It provides –

                     A. Ransomware protection

                     B. Comprehensive reporting and alerts 

                     C. Reliable and secure backups 

Thus, it gives a reliable data protection feature and gives you maximum protection than any other solution in the market.  

So, please contact us if you are interested and transforming your business with our all-in-one solution. 

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