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Case study – Business Calling for multiple Hospitals & Healthcare Sector

Case study – Business Calling for multiple Hospitals & Healthcare Sector


Microsoft Team’s business calling solution, corporate communication platforms integrate services for voice, PSTN calling, video conferencing, chat and PBX under one platform.

Hospital’s fragmented hybrid communication infrastructure was a result of the changing landscape. The company used local PABX telephony and proprietary non-IP based desk phones because their system didn’t support this capability at the time of adoption.

By moving to Skype Cloud PBX with Microsoft TEAM’s Calling for Office 365, the team consolidated all communication systems and significantly reduced communication costs.


Hospital’s IT department was charged with overseeing support infrastructure services for 150 employees across multiple locations. As part of their due diligence, the Hospitals’ communication infrastructure was audited, which consisted of:

  • On-premises PABX for telephony across their multiple locations
  • A local twisted copper wire-based phone system
  • SIP-based phone service provider, with no room to expand

After auditing the infrastructure and potential solutions, the following challenges were identified:

Overspending on communication: Hospitals were wasting each month on disparate and aging communication systems.

Missing functionality: The hospital was also missing key functionalities like extension dialing. To reach someone a few offices away, employees had to dial full telephone numbers.


The hospitals knew they were overspending on voice solutions. Upgrading to Office 365 E5 licenses with Microsoft’s Business Calling for Office 365 would give the hospitals access to Skype Cloud PBX services and eliminate the need for separate telephony, PSTN, and video conferencing solutions.

Being a hospital, Microsoft provides special pricing, upgrading to Skype Cloud PBX would drastically lower the hospital’s communication and support bills while consolidating all communication on a single platform.

However, moving the hospital’s complex hybrid voice environment was a challenge for the IT team. And to make matters worse, the team needed the solution implemented as quickly as possible due to COVID-19 distancing and Telehealth requirements.

With split locations and a strict timeline, the hospital looked into hiring an outsourced cloud services provider because the IT staff didn’t have the expertise to handle the project in a timely fashion. They needed a cloud services partner with rich experience in hybrid voice solutions to guarantee the migration got done correctly and on time.

Working with FLYONIT – Microsoft Authorized Partner, the team identified the following project goals:

  • Plan the migration to ensure business continuity. FLYONIT accomplished this by migrating each campus separately.
  • Seamlessly migrate from an onsite system to Skype for Business.
  • Complete the project within the time frame to coincide with the relocation to the new administration building.
  • Port over DIDs and coordinate with exchange carriers so that school could maintain the same phone numbers.
  • Mentor the migration team every step of the way, from planning to client computer configuration, post-migration support, and training.


Working with FLYONIT, hospitals migrated to Skype Cloud PBX within the timeline and with no disruption to users. FLYONIT outlined the technical requirements and team regularly until all accounts were migrated and users successfully transitioned to the new platform.

Now, Skype Cloud PBX has solved many of the communication and support challenges faced in the past. For instance, the company has gained:

  • Familiar tools and tight integration with existing infrastructure.
  • Consolidating voice under Skype, the hospital now has one central point of contact for support.
  • Voice, conferencing, and scheduling features – under one solution.
  • New reporting functionalities: Advanced Skype reporting


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