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Case Study – Best Practice Migration

Case Study – Best Practice Migration

BP data migration process is the combination of selecting, preparing, extracting, and transforming data. It permanently transfers medical data from one computer storage system to another. Basically, it is the process of moving data from one application to another, one location to another, or one format to another. Basically, a new system or location for the data is introduced.

By nature, medical data is the most sensitive data. So, at the time of migration, it is necessary to protect the data. You also have to give attention during medical data migration-

  1. Volume of the data
  2. Speed of migration completion
  3. Type of the workload


Now sometimes medical industry follows old data systems. That’s why these industries follow challenges. Medical industries need medical data migration to overcome that challenges. Now we have to know why BP data migration is important. It is important for several reasons like-

  1. Cost-Effective Solution- There is a huge maintenance cost for older technologies. If you move your data to the cloud you can save your money in terms of labor as well as hardware. By BP data migration you can cut your expenses on maintenance costs.
  2. Improves Data Quality– In recent days, medical industry suffering from a lack of well-structured data. Low quality and poor data create a problem. In the BP migration process, you can look into your data structure, and then you a get an idea about it. With the help of this process, you will get an opportunity to clean, transform and deduplicate data as it is moved. So you can get high-quality data.
  3. Improves Efficiency– Your business gets a benefit from simplified management and a centralized environment of your data with greater performance, fewer incidents, and better reliability by BP data migration.
  4. Improves Agility– With the help of BP migration, your business is agile and avoids getting locked into specific platforms and vendors.


It is mainly comprised of 3 stages data extract, transformation, and loading. Now-a-days it is very challenging to move data from one location to another. FLYONIT provides a solution for this.    

  1. Effective Plan- A solid data migration plan is very much important. FLYONIT provides a solid data migration plan and also provides a specific data migration tool. With the help of this tool, you can experience a fast and smooth data migration operation.
  2. Cost-Efficient– You can get this solution at a very low cost. On the other hand, this solution also reduces your maintenance cost. So using our solution is very much beneficial for you as it saves your money in both ways.
  3. Organized Data- Medical data always need to be maintained in an organized way, as this data is very sensitive. FLYONIT provides you with a tool that mechanizes the execution of mapping of data, data transformation, and data quality in a successive and organized manner.
  4. Increase Data Security- Now it is the most important medical data migration challenge. Own company provides the right data migration tools. After using this you can secure your data effectively.


Working with FLYONIT many hospitals did the BP data migration process successfully within the timeline and with no disruption to users. FLYONIT always gives technical support until all data were migrated successfully.

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