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Case Study – ANL Lighting

Case Study – ANL Lighting

Client: ANL  Lighting                                 Location:  Wantirna, Melbourne
Year: 2014-2017                                            Industry: Lighting


ANL Lighting Australia is a leading light manufacturer featuring a diverse range of lighting products as well as accessories for both indoor & outdoor uses. They have more than 25 years experience in the lighting industry.


ANL Lighting Australia had initially contacted us to integrate their ecommerce website with erp system.


a) Multi-site Development in Magento platform: 5 different eCommerce websites are managed from 1 admin. The products can be managed from 1 admin area for all the 5 websites.

b) All the data are coming from an ERP system by API. We have integrated the multi-site with an ERP system, which imports all data automatically in all the 5 websites. This data import is running via a cronjob, which runs everyday and update the data in the website. Any changes in the ERP, automatically reflects in the multi-site.

c) We have also created another API, which helps any website to import data from multi-site.


Our solution helped them reduce data redundancy and human involvement. Automated data inputs helped them save on errors as well as reworks. Also, integration increased their internal productivity. It helped them have better control of their business, thus giving competitive gains.

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