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Can social media really impact on mental health?

A research published on Monday, July 15, 2019 from researchers at Montreal’s Sainte-Justine Hospital proved that rise of social media and TV uses think a rise in sign of stress, tension, depression and high pressure in teenage group. For last couple of years, researchers have pointed out a cause at mobile phones as a strong factor in stress, depression and other mental, physical health issues.

“Our study found that rises of time spent using some tools of social media in a last couple year believes depressive and stress symptoms within that same year,” Patricia Conrod, the team leader of the research group said, in a press briefing to journalist.

Researchers team surveyed about 5,000 Canadian teenagers, aged 11 to 17 years, for 4 years. For every year of their high school, responded self-declared on time pass with digital tools. They detected the amount of hour passed using in four different types of digital activities: television, computer use video gaming and social media. The research found that if teens declared increases that their digital media use and TV watching, then their stress and depression symptoms also rose. In contrast, the rise of video gaming was not found to be a concern for stress and depression.

Team leader Conrod explained,  more study is time demanding to predict whether impact to digital media is really causing increased rates of stress and depression to teenagers group, but told the research can assist to form interference responsibilities for at-risk teens.

“Early ideas of vulnerability to stress and depression gives medical and family a large factor of time in which to interfere,” Conrod told. “generating teens’ digital media and TV watch may be one step to assist teens group to control vulnerability or depression mood to stressful symptoms.”

The possible effects of social media on teenage out of control to stop using less anyone of their digital phone. Many research found that that teenage group can adopt to addiction to digital  media. Therefore,  some other research have connected this with poor self-esteem, less sleep and apparently poor mental condition.

However, new study has now found that the more social media using could be cause of parament depression for teenage people.

Study group also found at sign of stress and depression. For the high school students, they assessed such sign and symptoms reflecting the Centre for psychological health. They used the same but more teenage group edition for the youngster participants.

Then the team explained the information, differentiating into sex and age. The outcomes — that now published in the Mental health Journal — revealed that digital media use did not head to depressed sign and symptoms to next. The result was the same for all participants.


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