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Benefits of Cloud-Based Phone System

More than 75 percent of companies around the world have shifted to some kind of cloud service during this pandemic. According to business analysts, the worldwide market for cloud services will be reaching a value of around $158.8 billion this year.

Cloud phone service providers provide phone systems for business of all sizes. Many offer advanced unified communication features so that businesses can succeed, in today’s crisis.

Earlier, businesses had to depend on physical & on-site equipment, (such as PBX cabinets) for phone systems as well as applications. But now, these systems & applications can be safely stored in off-site data centers.

Reasons why business owners are shifting to cloud phone systems.

Cloud phone systems save companies money

Traditional PBX phone systems were highly expensive while cloud phone systems, on the other hand, are less expensive. Cloud based phone systems eliminate the need to pay up-front for heavy as well as expensive installations, not to mention the regular maintenance costs of traditional phone systems.

If you host your phone system in the cloud, you will only be charged on usage basis. You have to pay for hostage space as well as bandwidth that you need. Also, cloud phone systems provide access to high-end features as well as upgrades for very little to no cost.

Cloud phone systems offer rich features

Cloud phones offer customers with many of rich features like advanced email, voicemail options, as well as automatic attendants & many more unified communications options.

There are also some other features such as traffic shaping, which is highly useful in preserving bandwidth as well as ensures best call quality & reliability. Many providers provide cloud voice over privately managed networks, so that the phone never travel on the public Internet.

Also, cloud phones can connect with 2 different on-site Internet circuits, which is useful in providing backup.

They are portable

Cloud phone solution allows full phone-system functionality anywhere as long as you have internet connection. This is particularly very useful for small as well as medium sized businesses with teams in various locations. You will be able to change user settings for voicemail messages as well as browse your company’s call activity anywhere.

Also, hosted PBX & VoIP providers provide mobile apps for allowing employees to access the system from their tablet and smartphones.

Remote team members will be able to collaborate in real time. They will be able create & arrange conference calls, receive & send text messages as well as manage all of their phone settings.

It is easy to scale up

One of the biggest benefit of cloud phone system is that it can be scaled up easily as your business grows. It is very easy to add extensions or direct numbers with only a few clicks.

Hosted PBX as well as VoIP enables you to operate in a straight-forward communication system, configurable from a mobile device or computer.

It keeps businesses connected to their customers all the time

Cloud-based phone systems keep businesses connected to their customers all the time. It remains unaffected by outside factors like severe weather or some other issues that may keep your employees from getting to your office.

With a cloud-based phone system, businesses will be able to maintain a consistent presence as well as access the tools required in order to keep things running smoothly.

Your phone system plays an important critical role in your business operations. By migrating your phone system to the cloud, you will be able to better manage costs. Also it will give your team the time required to focus on growing your business during this difficult situation.

“Be wise & make the switch today”.



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