azure cloud storage

Azure Storage

Azure Storage is a Microsoft-managed cloud service that delivers storage that is highly accessible, secure, durable, and scalable. Whether it is images, audio, video, logs, configuration files, or sensor data, data requires to be stored in a way that can be simply accessible for analysis purposes, and Azure Storage delivers options for each one of these cases.

Benefits of using Azure Storage:

There are several reasons you should use Azure storage for your data or file system.

  • Accessible and durable to deliver space according to your requirement
  • Automated backup and recovery so that you don’t misplace your data
  • Data encrypted to make your data protected
  • Support for multiple data types
  • A lucrative storage solution with flexible pay-as-you-use billing

What does FLYONIT have to offer on Microsoft Azure?

  • With our Azure service packs, we ensure the safe storage of your data.
  • We have a strong team of local cloud specialists and they have various Azure certificates.
  • We offer you local support 24/7. If you have a problem, you can simply contact one of our specialists.
  • We ensure maximum security personalized to the requirements of your company.


Our team is here to assist with any Azure solutions, so you can grow your business, increase efficacy and deliver it to the future.