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Azure Site Recovery: Know How it Can Benefit Your Business

Have you ever thought that how you will keep your workloads as well as apps, running & up when disaster strikes? You may think that it won’t happen to you, but honestly a disaster can strike at any time & in any place. In fact research has found that businesses encounter over 4 potential Disaster Recovery (DR) related issues every year, like outages, corruption of data in production environment etc. This is the reason why DR is highly important for your business.

Microsoft has now developed a solution in order to make sure that your business is protected as well as ready to go no matter what the circumstance is.

Microsoft’s ASR or Azure Site Recovery orchestrates replication, failover & recovery for all application workloads in Azure or another location within your network. So in case your main site goes down, you will be completely protected.

In this blog, I have listed the key benefits of ASR or Azure Site Recovery for your business:

Simplified business continuity & disaster recovery (BCDR)

You will be able to replicate, fail over & recover multiple workloads from a single location in the Azure portal. Azure Site Recovery or ASR orchestrates replication & fail over, without intercepting application data.

Flexible replication

You will be able to replicate any workloads running on supported VMware VMs, Hyper-V VMs & Windows or Linux physical servers.

Disaster Recovery in the cloud

As you can replicate any workload running on physical servers & VMs to Azure rather than to any secondary site, you will be able to eliminate the complexity & the cost of maintaining a secondary data centre.

Easy replication testing without any disruption

Without affecting production environments, you will be able to run test failovers easily in order to support disaster recovery drills.

Flexible fail over & recovery

You will now be able to run planned fail overs for expected disasters with zero data loss or unplanned fail overs for unexpected disasters with minimum data loss. You will be able to fail back to your primary site easily once it is available again.


You can use ASR in order to migrate Azure IaaS VMs between regions, or to migrate AWS Windows instances to Azure IaaS VMs.

Multi-tier applications

You can setup recovery plans for sequenced failover & recovery of multi-tiered applications. You can group machines in different tiers within a recovery plan, & customize how each group fails over & starts up.

Integration with other Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery technologies

ASR easily integrates with other BCDR or business continuity & disaster recovery technologies.

Azure Site Recovery or ASR is undoubtedly the smartest as well as safest choice for business continuity. It can help you keep all your data protected & recoverable all the time.

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