azure security services

Azure Security

Azure Security denotes to security tools and capabilities available on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. Azure Security Center is an infrastructure security management system that reinforces the security of data centers and provides advanced threat security across hybrid cloud workloads in addition to on-premises, as said by Microsoft.


Benefits of Azure Security Center:

Here are certain noteworthy benefits that you can get by adopting Azure Security center.

  • Extending the scope of security status management and threat protection for on-premises virtual machines
  • Easy provisioning of a specialist to on-premises server workloads
  • Assessment of security through the facility of an integrated view of several hybrid cloud workloads
  • Connection with existing tools and procedures for example security info and event management (SIEM) of integration of partner security solutions
  • Decrease of investments and reorganization of resources through leveraging in-built first-party or third-party security controls.


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