Azure Management and Governance

Governance in Azure is an important feature of Azure Management and denotes the tasks and procedures required to maintain your business applications and resources that support them. Azure governance generates procedures that address your IT concerns plus any additional requirements that are exclusive to your business.


Azure Management Governance contains the subsequent services within Azure –

  • Management groups
  • Resource Graph
  • Policy
  • Azure Blueprints
  • Azure Lighthouse

If you have an Azure-based setting within your business, you need to develop and maintain a stronghold on executive procedures and the standards involved in handling Azure workloads.


Why choose us?

FLYONIT can work with you to develop a governance procedure that removes common concerns for example describing naming conventions, inadequate access controls, or using cloud services that have not been assessed to encounter regulatory criteria.

No matter where you are in your Azure journey, it is critical to set up a strategy that addresses security and control as part of your IT strategy. We have developed a proven procedure for generating strong governance frameworks and can set a strategy for your business.

We will work with you to make overreaching policies and procedures. We will also assist you to generate and manage any additional requirements that are exceptional to your business.

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