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Azure Logic App Service

Azure Logic Apps is a cloud service that assists you schedule, automate, and arrange tasks, business processes, and workflows when you require to integrate apps, data, systems, and services across enterprises or organizations. Logic Apps simplifies how you design and build scalable solutions for app integration, data integration, system integration, enterprise application integration, and business-to-business (B2B) communication, whether in the cloud, on-premises, or both.    


Here are just some workloads you can automate with logic apps:

  • Process and route orders across on-premises systems and cloud services
  • Send email notifications with Office 365 when events occur in various systems, apps, and services
  • Transfer uploaded files from an SFTP or FTP server to Azure storage
  • Analyze the sentiment, and make alerts or tasks for items that require review.


There are hundreds of different connectors available in the Logic Apps service, and although certain are more complex than others, they are all easy to use through a user-friendly interface. Each logic app workflow starts with a trigger. When the trigger is implemented, one or more actions allocated for the trigger and generated in the workflow are called.

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Certain of the circumstances for using the Recurrence trigger are:

  • Day-to-day database backups
  • Cleaning database logs
  • Collecting data from a resource
  • Employee notifications and several others

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