Azure Identity

Azure Identity delivers Azure Active Directory token verification support across the Azure SDK. Azure Active Directory is Microsoft’s multi-talent, cloud-based identity, and access management service. It’s the digital infrastructure that permits your staff to sign in and access external resources held in Office 365, in addition to those held on a business network or internet.

Advantages of Azure Active Directory:

  • Azure AD brings visibility to hacking attempts
  • Azure AD offers unified SSO for popular SaaS platforms
  • Improved self-service for group membership within Azure AD
  • Azure Active Directory’s features separate it from on-premises AD
  • License assignment adaptability and self-service in Azure AD

Why choose FLYONIT as Identity Management Solution?

  • We always enforcing strict access standards for all users while still making it fast for them to get the resources they need securely.
  • It also offers built-in analytics, which combines all user data from all log ins made with FLYONIT products across the enterprise setting so admins can leverage detailed threat intelligence directly.
  • FLYONIT also has strength with its universal directory and exclusive proficiency with client-based identity and is the clear leader in these states.

Want to know more?

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