Azure Compute Service

Compute refers to the hosting models for the computing resources that your application runs on. Microsoft Azure Cloud service allows a user to deploy and manage VMs, containers, plus support remote application access. Azure compute can assist your applications in scale-out rapidly and proficiently to encounter increasing demands.


Top Business Benefits of Microsoft Azure:

  • On-demand scalability
  • No on-site hardware required
  • Lucrative subscription models
  • High availability
  • Enterprise-level development tools
  • Outstanding cybersecurity
  • Advanced compliance features


Why choose FLYONIT?

We are a Microsoft Partner for Cloud Platform with knowledge of working on Azure computing.

FLYONIT offers end-to-end cloud migration and development services comprising –

  • We assist organizations to overcome such challenges by generating an upgrading strategy to transform legacy systems into the latest solutions that are well-organized and appropriate for supporting business fluctuations and fulfilling client requirements.  
  • We assist our clients to accelerate migration, meet security and compliance and avoid the blockades that interrupt the course of migration.
  • With Cloud-native, we develop huge, complex systems to take full benefit of current software development practices, technologies, and the cloud computing delivery model.  


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