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Australia is getting its first app-based scooter taxi service

Australia’s first app-based scooter taxi service, Scooti, is coming to Melbourne this month. Similar to Uber, Scooti is going to connect scooter drivers with passengers in need of a lift.

According to start-up company, travelling by scooter is much more cost-effective as well as creates fewer emissions than most public transport options out there. Also two wheels have a distinct benefit in busy traffic.

“The main advantage of Scooti is, of course, getting where you want to go sooner. Two wheels have a distinct advantage in busy traffic,” said Scooti founder Cameron Nadi.

“It’s more cost-effective than other chauffeur-driven ride-sharing options, and creates less emissions than most other public or shared transport.”

Using the Scooti app, riders will have to enter their pick-up location as well as destination for booking a trip. The system is completely cashless, with payments processed through the application.

The company is currently in the process of recruiting scooter drivers & says that it will only employ highly experienced drivers with a full license.

“We vet them, and interview them so we get to know the people as well,” Scooti chief operating officer Brett Balsters said.

Drivers will be use their own scooter or motorbikes as long as they meet the company’s mechanical, safety, comfort as well as hygiene standards or invest in an electric scooter, in order to keep in line with the company’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions. Drivers will also have to provide their own approved helmets as well as hair nets.

Scooti is also committed to providing female drivers to female riders upon request. As far as pricing goes – Scooti said that it is still working on a model.

“At the moment its very similar to what you would pay in an Uber, but the benefits are not just financial, they’re time. And time is money,” Mr Balsters said.

The company is also actively looking for investors for growing the business. If Melbourne proves successful, you will likely be seeing Scooti up in Brisbane as well as Sydney in no time, with expansion planned over the next 12 months.

Nadi believes that Scooti will provide the people of Melbourne with an innovative alternative to car ride-sharing services & taxis.

“You see all these scooters zipping past going through traffic with a spare seat – we want to fill that seat.”

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