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Australia Becomes One of the First Markets to Receive the New Messenger Discover Tab

Facebook messenger is highly popular Down Under.

Facebook has recently revealed its first country-specific stats for the instant messaging platform. It claims that around 13 million people of Australia use Facebook Messenger every month.

That is nearly 80 percent of smartphone users as well as more than half the country’s total population.

Facebook Messenger’s popularity in Australia is why Facebook has identified it as a key market. This is the reason why Australia is now one of the first countries outside of the US to receive the Discover tab.

Discover enables users to find brands offering services through the Messenger which now features organisations like the ABC, Tennis Australia, Qantas as well as Domain.

“We’re  launching the Discover tab which is not something that’s rolled out in too many markets, so we’re very excited Australia is next cab off the rank,” Sophie Blachford, Messenger’s brand development lead, told Mumbrella.

“There’s a number of ways people can connect with businesses from an organic or paid point of view. From an organic point of view we’ve had things like you can put plugs in on your websites, you can use Messenger codes so when you scan they open up conversations.

“You can put on direct links, you can put on email marketing or whatever it might be. But we think it’s important to have a directory of sorts that sits in the Messenger app that shows what you’ve used recently or might find relevant.

France,Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco as well as Philippines will also be joining Australia in being next to launch Discover outside of the U.S.

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