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Apple is very serious about user’s privacy

Individual privacy is a general situation when a person is not disturbed or observed by other peoples or organisations. It’s a state of being free from others people’s or agencies attention. Apple is one of the most popular consumer electronics and software producer at present world. Currently the company decide to be more concern about customer’s information privacy. Last week Apple for the first time announced its latest mobile software earlier this year it declared to make safe customer’s privacy from hackers, detectives or any other agencies. This feature is applicable all over the world including Australia.

For this reason, now an updated version of iOS 13 is in marketplace for the users to experiment, customers can see how does it works.

From Cambridge Mass Data Analytica scandal, there is been a huge debate about where our everyday using devices privacy means.

There is a huge variety that “I love my total privacy and information security” and “device providers are taking all of my personal data is worse”, and then there is analysing that there are situations much bigger than just understanding hidden disclosed or our basic data fabricated. All users informed our individual information was being handed over and sold to other companies to use us consume more products, we can’t realise that product included believe and political ideology we could have, on the other hand, realised comically unproductive or dump.

In this digital era, we will support that comfort is worth anything except real liquid currency. From central policy to regional, to how we install into debatable applications using Twitter and Facebook, although we know the issues, we are bounded in floating knowledge and eventually causes long-run impacts along the privacy and life.

So, Apple’s main focus on user’s privacy and data security and present them transparent in the technological system of iOS 13 and other core products like iPad OS is finally welcomed by users.

For example, a new option that would you know an app installation to detect your location just once, rather than it can track you in the background forever, is huge. All new messages and apps also let you know when icons are observing your microphone, or try to use Bluetooth to make connection to other tools.

Apple’s earlier made it very difficult for customers to be tracked between websites when people use Safari in iOS 12 and Mac OS Mojave, but it’s going more in iOS 13 by reducing the alternative ways, some apps track you by using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth without your consent. In the iOS 13 beta, Apple’s pop-ups that remind you that an app has been tracking your location even displaying you a map of the information it’s had proper transmission to, so people can understand the issues.

In addition, saving customer’s data by Apple also saving their money in iOS 13 by solving an issue that it helped to create in the initial level. Now when you deleted an app you recently have a valid subscription with, it quickens they can unsubscribe promptly so you can’t forget about result.

Another mentionable information is that currently privacy-oriented operation into new tracking installed software that is in public access beta log operated by apple. To use third party (Twitter, Facebook, Google, what’s app) services users need new log in, also mandatory to use that facility and clients can select to log in the service reducing the commodification of data.

Improvement of the Apple’s user’s data security are not only better for clients who are confused to their data being transferred with whoever is interested to buy it, but it also more difficult the line of variety between the two popular smartphone operating systems. At present, Android offers the variety of useful features, and could be comparatively cheap and easy to access, but it has contact with Google data machine that they can use their data by paying money. However, Apple’s all products are comparatively costly sustainable and fashionable.

While this is creating a big gap only the rich people can be afforded to secure privacy, which is contrasting to Apple’s anti-privacy practice, I would like to debate that the issue lies those intent on transferring user’s data, and no one trying to stop it.

It’s clear that user’s privacy and data security is in a big risk when it is on device company’s storage. User’s privacy is almost dead, but may be whatever we can refine of its corpse might help us to secure our future disaster from privacy break down considered to be even better.

One study shows that nearly half of the Apple products (44.7%) including (iPhone, iPad etc) bought by Australians and the 8.6 million people use Apple smartphones (45%) out of total 19.3 million total smartphone users in Australia.



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