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A Guide to Social Media Marketing & Benefits

Social Media Marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most significant marketing strategies for businesses. Every business owner is looking for different ways of social media to enhance their brand. According to a new survey of Sales force Marketing Cloud, it is seen that 70% of marketing professionals plan to spend more time on social media marketing. 80% of those using Facebook for marketing, 70% on Twitter, 62% on LinkedIn, 56% on Google+ and 56% on YouTube. With these types of statistics, the benefits of social media can no longer be ignored.

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Promote New Product

Use social media to promote or launch new products. If your product is new then no one knows about it. The best way to create awareness is to share it in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube etc.

Improve Customer Service

For every business it is important to know your customers. Social media can easily connect people, with which we can get the insights of peoples’ liking, tastes etc. It will help marketers to gather customer information to fulfill their needs and provide them the suitable content. The marketers can directly communicate with customers through social media networks (Facebook, Twitter).  According to Forbes, 71% of customers who receive quick response on social media say they are more likely to recommend that brand to other people.

Content is Easily Distributed

Social media should always play a huge part of any content marketing strategy. Previously, it was quite difficult for the marketers to reach the audience with their content in shortest possible time. Today, with the help of social media businesses can spread the content with the click of a button.

Increase Traffic

When you’re sharing your content in social media it increase visibility. By adding social media to your marketing plan, you are leading more paths for users back to your site.

Enhance SEO Rankings

SEO requirements are constantly changing for businesses to rank well on the search engines. Businesses sharing their content on social media are sending out “brand-signal” to search engines that speak of your credibility, legitimacy, and trustworthiness.

Save Money

Social networks are a great, cost-effective way to get your brand in front of potential customers. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest allow you to promote and share content with no outside cost.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing for Small Business

  • Increase brand awareness, increases reputation, popularize products
  • Helps in selling more & more products, and services
  • Builds credibility
  • Promote products in broad areas; demographic wise, location wise
  • Builds customer relationship
  • No extra money required

Difference between SEO & Social Media Marketing



Takes a long time

Gives quick results

Keywords are important

Good content is important

Utilizes search engines like Google, Bing, AOL, Baidu etc

Utilizes social networking sites, Blogging sites, RSS feeds, social news like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumbler, Vine etc.


Social media is a great marketing tool to increase site traffic & it also helps businesses to reach more customers. If we can strategize our social media marketing plan in a wise way, we can achieve good exposer for our product or services.

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