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Travel & tourism

The travel and tourism sector is enormous and a growing market. It is experiencing continuous transformation. This industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world and it is booming with great scope of imagination, creativity and orientation on a global level.

The industry have changed drastically over the past few years. Travelers are adapting & engaging themselves in mobile & web 3.0 solutions before boarding for a destination. Travelers search for the best hotels & destination beforehand rather than wandering around cities to get information. Mobile technology is playing a vital role in today’s scenario for the travel agent to do business. Through this technology, they are acting as personal attendants to the travelers.

According to Business Insiders, the adoption of smart phones, tablets and other devices have changed the way of travelling. Tourists use their phones for online bookings, directions and recommendations. Due to this increasing dependency on mobile solution, there is a rise of more than 40% in the online research for travel & tourism amongst people all over the world. According to a global survey it is found out that around 60% mobile users have downloaded travel related apps for their hotels bookings & planning out their tours. By the third quarter of 2015 it is estimated that mobile & tablets would be used for 21% of online travel bookings.

Travel industry need highly advance mobile technology which would facilitate the travelers & tourist to get instant access for online travel bookings on the go.


Mobile booking

It has been seen that 65% of people who book their hotel rooms in the last moments use their mobile phones for booking. Travel booking from mobile, comparing travel accommodations and writing travel reviews has become increasingly popular. It is anticipated that number of mobile booking transactions would double in the near future.

More social inspired booking

In this internet driven world, social media is playing a vital role in promoting tourism. These days travelers inspire other people to travel by sharing their travelling experience in online communities. This increasing global phenomenon of social inspired travel will become more popular in the future.

More travel related apps

The trend of carrying guide books and maps for travel related information has completely died out. These days our future is in our pocket. The relationship of technology and travel has come nearer than before. Travel apps have become very popular these days. It has been seen that 60% of total 1.75 billion smartphone and tab users has already downloaded travel apps which provide important information like local transport availability, sightseeing spots, flight schedules, accommodation details, etc. With these apps, booking hotels and flight tickets has become easier and convenient and one can access any kind of travel related information. It is anticipated that in the near future, there will be more travel related apps.

Cloud Technology

With the cloud technology, these days working professionals and global wanderers continue to work even while they travel from their wi-fi enabled hotel rooms.

This trend will become more popular. With cloud connectivity, hotels will be offering greater bandwidth.

FLYONIT helps to make a bridge between technology and business. Our services help travel and tourism businesses to deliver greater value services to the customers. We aim to enhance customer experience by bringing innovative services to the market.

Our Services

Major Module List Provided by FLYONIT:

Panel of Hotel Owner

This is the top panel, which will control the entire system & also fix the access of other panels. This panel will manage the following features list.

  • Hotel list/information, photo gallery etc.
  • Room specification, price chart
  • Latest package, discount, hot destination list etc.
  • Manage Agent & Booking Manager access
  • Manage booking history
  • Entire web page content – text/image

Panel of Agent (work as a commission basic)

  • Manage the booking system
  • Generate booking report
  • Commission will be set from Super Admin
  • Booking Manager

Manage the following attributes:

  • Booking history, voucher generation, calendar view – availability & blocking the rooms for specific date range.
  • Set up Hotel time zone
  • Confirmation mail sent to customer
  • Manage the Agent access level, report generation for each agent

Visitor Panel

Without registration any visitor can do:

  • Online hotel booking using debit/credit card/PayPal etc.
  • After successful booking, received acknowledgement mail.
  • Received online voucher through mail.
  • Cancel of booking


FLYONIT is experienced in crafting cutting edge modern mobility solutions for tourism industry which is based on technology like Mobility & Analytics and Social Computing for Travel & Hospitality Industry worldwide. We provide tailor made mobility solutions which are amalgamation of effective business solutions and technical finesse, which is reliable and have the potential for expansion.

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