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The retail industry, which is the most profitable and biggest industries in the world, has completely transfigured since last few years. The concept of shopping has completely changed. These days consumers are very demanding. They are better informed, tech savvy and mobile enabled. They prefer mobile shopping and personalized service. They expect superior services from the retailers.

More than 65% of the consumers nowadays know what they are looking for & does a research before consuming a product or a service. Therefore, retailers must change their way and should rethink about their strategies. They need to understand customer’s needs in a better way by having a deep understanding from their digital and physical footprints. They need to connect themselves with the consumers on multiple channels. Customers these days expect to have a seamless experience between brick and mortar stores and online shopping. They want to order things online which can be shipped to their homes and in case of return, they can go to the store and return them. Retailers must try to fulfil these expectations.

Retail Future Predictions

Retail will be heavily influence by boomers and millennials

Baby boomers &millennials will heavily influence retail in 2015. Retails will need to adjust to make shopping easier for these consumers.

Social Media will act as social platforms

Since last few years social media is serving as a platform where products are being promoted. It is anticipated that in near future merchants will add selling options to the things that they can do on social media platforms. Social sites will get more shoppable.

Loyalty programs will be introduced to reward shoppers

In 2015, retailers will make customer’s shopping experience more exciting unique. The will be focusing more on customer loyalty. The ‘points for purchases’ have become very common these days. This doesn’t excite the customers any more. That’s why retailers will have to think of something more different and imaginative to reward customers.

Many e-commerce websites will be opening physical stores

In 2014, many e-commerce businesses have opened their physical stores. It is anticipated that this trend will continue even in 2015. E-commerce sites have realized that maximum retail sales are taking place online.

Mobile will continue playing important role in shopping

It is anticipated that smartphones and tabs will continue to play bigger and important role in the journey of shopping. More retailers will be introducing mobile loyalty programs next year. Mobile wallet will become more popular. Carrying cash and credit cards everywhere will not be mandatory anymore.

Retailers will experiment with new technology

Retailers will try out new technologies to improve customer’s shopping experience. Their main aim will be to make customers satisfied with their shopping experience.

Ensuring safety and security to customers will be retailer’s first priority

In 2015, it is anticipated that retailer’s top priority will be risk mitigation and data security. Customers not only expect convenient and unique shopping but they also expect their shopping experience to be more safe and secure.

Retailers can manage risk by providing training in their organization so that everyone becomes informed about the importance of data security and risk mitigation. They can also be a little more selective of the vendors who handle their data.

FLYONIT helps retail leaders to work uniquely and completely differently. We help you to transform your retailing business by meeting shopper’s expectations and giving them a unique shopping experience.

Our Services

Omni-Channel Customer Experience

  • 24X7 Customer Services and Sales Support
  • Account Management Services Coupon& Gift Cards
  • Returns and Refunds Management
  • Complaint Management

Reputation Management & Brand Awareness

  • Social media tracking & brand reputation management
  • Create text, graphical content & share them in various platforms
  • Loyalty program analysis

Financial Services

  • Payment Procedure – Account pay, T&E management, P-card
  • Credit & Billing management, cash applications, dispute calculations
  • Financial records & reporting


FLYONIT adapts all the latest trends & implement customer centric solutions to the retail businesses which helps customer engagement & client acquisition. We provide e-commerce solutions to our client with minimum cost & effort which helps them to go online do business easily. We also provide our customers with cutting edge Mobile & SEO solutions which help them to reach their potential buyer on mobile & strengthen their marketing strategies.

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